GBBO Technical Challenge Round Up

Another season of the Great British Bake Off (GBBO) has come and gone. Thankfully we have the Christmas special to look forward to for our next fix, because who knows what the show will be like once it move to Channel 4!

I’m glad that I decided on a whim to bake along the technical challenges this year, there are definitely recipes I would have never attempted, but thanks to this challenge I’ve discovered some real gems (and ones that I’ll avoid for the rest of my baking days!).

Before I continue my dad’s bakes, here is a round up of all the technical bakes I did and a link to the recipe for each one if you’re so inclined to try yourself 😉

1. Jaffa Cakes


I think I’ve only had about 2 of these my whole life, but who can resist the chocolate/orange combination?

Recipe here.

2. Viennese Whirls


Get the kettle on and a grab a handful of these because YUM. Melt in your mouth biscuits, creamy buttercream, and raspberry jam.

Recipe here.

3. Dampfnudels


Never making these again…maybe if I had a proper lid. Would happily eat this if it was ordered at a restaurant though.

Recipe here.

4. Lace Pancakes


Best attempted when you have an actual squeeze bottle. A ziploc bag cut off at the tip can also work for those who are feeling adventurous.

Recipe here.

5. Bakewell Tart


Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of frangipane?

Recipe here.

6. Fougasse


Bread has never been my forte, this was just about manageable, and probably best eaten fresh.

Recipe here.

7. Marjolaine


Probably my favourite tasting challenge. The components to this bake were a pain to manage, but the end result is really worth it! This was the first time I made French buttercream too and it certainly won’t be the last – so indulgent that you want to slather it on everything around you.

Recipe here.

8. Jumbles


Never again.

Recipe here.

9.  Savarin


This was like a glorified sponge that was generously soaked with boozy syrup and topped off with fresh whipped cream and fruits. Perfect for Sunday afternoons if you ask me 😉

Recipe here.

10. Victoria Sandwich


Ahh the classic Victoria Sandwich. Hint: you’re better off baking this in two tins.

Recipe here.


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