K & J bakes:

This is a blog to share my attempts at recreating and properly documenting my dad’s classic and well-loved recipes: some rarely seen nowadays in cafe windows, let alone being offered by restaurants. Recipes are followed exactly how my dad marked them down, with occasional tweaks and updates for a more modern twist. No compromises on taste though.


About K:

Kong – my dad –  is a former Head Pastry Chef for the Swiss hotel-restaurant brand Mövenpick in Canada before owning his own bakery, Dessert Lovers. Fun fact: he didn’t start out in the food industry. He started off as a teacher before getting his Masters in Chemistry. He is now retired and enjoys baking on occasion between his time making wine, following the NBA and critiquing my baking methods. Kong-polaroid

About J:

I’ve flown the nest more than 5 years ago from Canada, and while being across the pond in London, I’ve come to miss and appreciate my dad’s baking more than ever. When I’m not working 9-6, I spend my time exploring London’s food scene and baking birthday cakes for lucky family members, friends, or colleagues.




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